Student Parking

Because of limited parking availability, the U-M has established eligibility criteria for students. Check your eligibility here.
Free Parking - AAATA Park & Ride Program
Free parking and free rides for students with yellow MCards from five parking locations in Ann Arbor, Monday through Friday.
Student Storage Parking
Parking for students who bring their vehicles to campus, but don’t need to use them frequently or who do not qualify for student parking permits.
Student Orange
Parking located in areas that typically require a short U-M shuttle or bus ride to campus core areas. Available to those with Junior status or above.
Student After Hours
Late afternoon/evening and weekend parking located close to U-M buildings. Available to graduate students only.
Student Yellow/After Hours
Combination permit with Yellow and After Hours parking. Available to graduate students only.
Parking Option for Students with Disabilities - Student Blue
Parking located close to U-M buildings. Available to any student who possesses a state-issued disability placard/license plate.
How to Purchase Your Permit
Student parking permits may be purchased at the Parking Customer Services Office or online. See more detail here.
Parking Option Replacements/Exchanges/Returns
Information on how to replace/exchange or return your personal parking option.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Find answers to frequently asked questions here.