“Daily” Blue parking is available for faculty and staff who do not possess an annual parking option but occasionally need to bring their vehicles to campus or work a hybrid work schedule. 

Daily Blue parking is valid in Blue parking areas (located close to U-M buildings), restricted by the type of daily Blue option that is obtained. 

There are two permit styles for gated Blue parking areas (an AVI device or a hangtag with gate activation chip) – both are only valid in gated Blue parking areas.  This option is not valid in the Forest Street Parking Structure or NC100 parking structure. For use in the Palmer Structure, enter through staff lane 4 and exit in staff lane 5. The Scratch Off permits are only valid in Blue, Yellow or Orange parking lots (non-gated parking).


  • The daily permit is not valid and will not be honored at the Coliseum lot (W32), W39, W40, W41, or in any lots located south of Hill Street on home football game Saturdays, nor will they be honored at any lots located on Kipke Drive during home basketball games.
  • The daily permit will not be honored at special events, such as concerts/performances/athletic events where parking attendants are onsite.
  • The daily program is not eligible for special parking programs (for example: P3 evening/weekend access, etc.)

Check your pre-paid park balance on the pre-paid parks information page.

Bus Service

There typically is no direct U-M bus service from Blue parking lots or structures, but many of the Blue parking areas are within walking distance of U-M bus stops in the campus core areas. Please refer to the University bus schedules for specific route information.

Permit Styles

There are two permit styles for daily parking options: 

  • a permit for gated Blue parking areas (requires a $20 Device Deposit which is completely refundable if the permit device is returned to Parking Customer Services in good condition) 
  • scratch-off options for non-gated areas

At gate-controlled Blue parking areas, excluding the Forest Street Parking Structure, permits used are programmed with prepaid parks purchased by the user. The access control system decrements one prepaid park from the permit on each calendar day it is used, and then allows free access for the remainder of that same day, regardless how many entry and exits are made, or how many locations are used.

At non-gated Blue parking areas, Scratch-Off permits are used for single-day parking. To use them, scratch off the silver coating to reveal the month, day and year. When scratched, the date will appear in red lettering. Then, hang the permit from the vehicle rear view mirror, front forward. Improperly scratched permits are invalid and will not be honored.

Payment Options

Check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover)

Scratch off permits must be purchased in person at one of the Parking Customer Services offices located at 523 South Division Street or UH South, Room F2117.  Daily options for gated Blue parking areas must be purchased in person at at one of the Parking Customer Services offices and additional paid parks may be purchased online.


Pre-paid park$6.00
One-time refundable security deposit for AVI Device/Hangtag with chip$20.00
Scratch off packages of 10$60.00