Permits are honored in any Blue, Yellow, or Orange lot from 3pm–5am, Mon–Fri and 24 hours on Saturday/Sunday.  Your Mcard will automatically be programmed for access to the gate-controlled Blue parking areas.  Permit not valid at the Forest Street Parking Structure and the P4 (M22) Structure.  


  1. The Student After Hours permit is NOT valid in any lot south of Hill Street or lots W32, W39, W40, and W41 for home football games, or lots south of Hoover Avenue for home basketball games. 
  2. For home football games, all vehicles must exit the lots on Ross Athletic Campus by 10 pm Friday. These lot numbers start with “SC”. Lots W32, W38, W39, and W40 must also be vacated by 10 pm Friday.  Vehicles left in the lots will be towed. 
  3. There is no overnight parking allowed in Ross Athletic Campus lots, or in W32, W39, or W40.
  4. Not valid at the Forest Street Parking Structure or P4 on Medical Campus.
  5. Per the Regent’s Ordinance, no person shall park a vehicle for 48 or more consecutive hours in any U-M parking area, or they will be subject to enforcement action up to and including impoundment.
  6. Check the signs at the entrance and within the parking area for any special parking restrictions.

Bus Service

There typically is no bus service directly from Blue parking lots or structures, but many of the Blue parking areas are within walking distance of bus stops in the campus core areas. Please refer to the University bus schedules for specific route information.

Permit Styles



Date Your Cost
July 1-14 $71.00
July 15-31 $68.04
August 1-14 $65.08
August 15-31 $62.12
September 1-14 $59.16
September 15-30 $56.20
October 1-14 $53.24
October 15-31 $50.28
November 1-14 $47.32
November 15-30 $44.36
December 1-14 $41.40
December 15-31 $38.44
January 1-14 $35.48
January 15-31 $32.52
February 1-14 $29.56
February 15-28/29 $26.60
March 1-14 $23.64
March 15-31 $20.68
April 1-14 $17.72
April 15-30 $14.76
May 1-14 $11.80
May 15-31 $8.84
June 1-14 $5.88
June 15-30 $2.92