Yellow parking is located outside campus core areas, but within walking distance of some U-M buildings. Yellow permits are also valid in Orange lots.

Exception: The Yellow permit is not valid and will not be honored at the Coliseum lot (W32), W39, W40, W41, or in any lots located south of Hill Street on home football game Saturdays, nor will they be honored at any lots located on Kipke Drive during home basketball games.

Additional Access on Medical Campus

The Yellow AVI permit (or monthly Yellow permit, upon request) is honored at M93 (Wall Street East Structure), P3 (Taubman South Deck), P4 (Simpson Circle/Mott) and P5 (CVC) during the following restricted hours:

Structure Days Hours Where to Park Entry/Exit
M93 (Wall Street East)

Mon – Thu Entry: 5:15 pm – 4 am
Exit: 5:15 pm – 9 am
Blue staff spaces Blue Entry/Exit
P3 (Taubman South Deck) Mon – Thu Entry: 6 pm – 4 am
Exit: 6 pm – 8:30 am
Patient/Visitor spaces in P2 and P3 Lane 9/10 Entry
Lane 13/14 Exit
P3 continued Weekends Entry/Exit:
5:15 pm Fri – 9 am Mon
Patient/Visitor spaces in P2 and P3 Lane 9/10 Entry
Lane 13/14 Exit
P4 (Simpson Circle/Mott) Weekends Entry/Exit:
5:15 pm Fri – 8 am Mon
Blue staff spaces South Entry/ South Exit
P5 (Cardiovascular Center) Weekends Entry/Exit:
5:15 pm Fri – 8 am Mon
Patient/Visitor spaces Patient Entry/ Exit Lanes
North or South
M93, P3, P4, & P5 University Holidays and Season days Entry and Exit: 24 hours/day Yellow AVI program spaces (listed above) Yellow AVI Program entry/exit gates

Bus Service

Some Yellow lots have U-M bus service to campus core areas. Please refer to the University bus schedules for specific route information.

Permit Styles

Annual: AVI device (requires a $20 Device Deposit which is completely refundable if the permit device is returned to Parking Customer Service in good condition), hang tag, or static-cling
Monthly or Daily: Paper hang tag


Annual permit costs: To determine your costs, see matrix below. First look for the time period you will purchase your permit, then follow the line across to see your cost. This is the total amount you will pay for the permit year, which ends each June 30. The University Portion is the additional fee that your employing department will pay toward your permit. The total cost of the permit is found by adding the University and Employee portions.

Date University Contribution Your Cost
July 1-14 $172.00 $167.00
July 15-31 $164.83 $160.04
August 1-14 $157.66 $153.08
August 15-31 $150.49 $146.12
September 1-14 $143.32 $139.16
September 15-30 $136.15 $132.20
October 1-14 $128.98 $125.24
October 15-31 $121.81 $118.28
November 1-14 $114.64 $111.32
November 15-30 $107.47 $104.36
December 1-14 $100.30 $97.40
December 15-31 $93.13 $90.44
January 1-14 $85.96 $83.48
January 15-31 $78.79 $76.52
February 1-14 $71.62 $69.56
February 15-28/29 $64.45 $62.60
March 1-14 $57.28 $55.64
March 15-31 $50.11 $48.68
April 1-14 $42.94 $41.72
April 15-30 $35.77 $34.76
May 1-14 $28.60 $27.80
May 15-31 $21.43 $20.84
June 1-14 $14.26 $13.88
June 15-30 $7.09 $6.92

If you select to purchase a daily or monthly permit, you must pay in full at the time of purchase by cash, check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). The rates are listed below.

Other Yellow Options Your Cost
Daily $3.00
Monthly $28.00