Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Stations are available for the University of Michigan community and visitors for “top-off” charging. Four campus locations (10 charging spaces in total) are a part of the ChargePoint Network and offer Level 2 chargers.

Campus Locations

  • LOT SC32, Ross Athletic Campus (corner of Hoover and Greene Streets): A dual-head EV Charging Station, serving two spaces, is located in the southwest corner of the lot.
  • Ann Street Parking Structure (M86), Medical Campus: Two EV Charging Stations, serving two spaces, are located on the first level, last couple spaces on the right (west end).
  • LOT NC27, North Campus (on Murfin Street): A dual-head EV Charging Station, serving two spaces, is located in the second row by the central pay machine.
  • Wall Street Parking Structure (M93), Medical Campus: Two dual-head EV Charging Stations, serving four spaces, are located on the second level, east end of the center row (Note: this gate-controlled structure requires a valid Gold or Blue permit during enforcement hours. In addition, a Yellow AVI permit is valid during evening hours, Monday – Friday).

Please note that the City of Ann Arbor also now offers 18 electric vehicle charging stations at six public parking locations downtown (City of Ann Arbor rules/regulations apply).

Click and enter ZIP code under “My Location” for map of U-M and City of Ann Arbor EV charging locations.


Lot SC32, Ann Street Parking Structure (M86), Lot NC27

At this time, there is no cost to charge your vehicle for University Permit holders (with a valid* Faculty/Staff or Student Parking Permit). Campus visitors and members of the U-M community without valid Faculty/Staff or Student Parking Permits pay for use of the space through the Central Pay Machine at the visitor space rate established for the lot/structure during LINK TO enforcement hours END LINK. Currently, visitors who pay to use the EV space pay the standard space rate.

*Valid Parking Permits Include:

Faculty/Staff – Gold, Blue, Yellow or Orange
Student – Student Orange, Student Yellow, After Hours, or Student Yellow/After Hours

Wall Street Parking Structure (M93)

At this time, there is no cost to charge your vehicle. Please note that the structure is enforced Monday 6:00am – Saturday 1:00am. Faculty/Staff with the parking permit(s) valid for this structure will be able to access the structure and utilize the EV charging stations during enforcement hours.

Charging Instructions

All Level 2 chargers are a part of the ChargePoint Network. Please check the network map to ensure a charger is available before driving to a charging location. To activate a session, use your ChargePoint Network card, a credit card, or dial the phone number indicated on the charging equipment.

Time Limit and Enforcement

There is a 4 hour time limit to park and charge at an EV charging station. All customers must initiate a charging session through the adjacent ChargePoint station. The spaces are designed for EV charging only, not simply EV parking.

U-M Police Department (UMPD) is responsible for enforcing University parking regulations, including: the 4-hour time limit, an Expired Meter and vehicles eligible to park in an EV Charging Space.

Smartphone Applications

A number of smartphone applications are available to ease the process of charging and finding charging locations:

Chargepoint Network

Use this application to eliminate range anxiety by locating ChargePoint charging stations on your smartphone. Also set up notifications on the ChargePoint network to view charging stats while your car charges and receive notification when your car is done charging.

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Find EV charging stations and share electricity with others.

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