Fleet Services is committed to cultivating a culture of safety.  Our goal is to provide information and resources that relate to vehicle safety topics or features.  We have a number of items currently that promote safety: 

  • Vehicle operator record checks
  • Vehicle maintenance protocols
  • Vehicle damage reporting and repair
  • Comprehensive set of established policies

We will be posting driving tips along with safety topic videos and vehicle feature videos to assist our fleet customers in the safe operation of their fleet vehicle.

COVID-19 Vehicle Use Protocols

Campus Vehicle Use

For those employees that utilize university vehicles for their work on and off campus, capacity should be limited as much as possible.

If more than, one person per vehicle is unavoidable: 

  • All individuals must wear face coverings
  • Individuals should spread out to the extent feasible
  • Do not use the recirculation air option for the vehicle’s ventilation – use the vehicle’s vents to bring in fresh outside air. Open windows whenever possible. 

In addition, a vehicle not dedicated to a specific individual for their exclusive use, departments must ensure disinfection occurs after each use. 

Example of high touch areas for disinfection.

Contact Fleet Services if you need assistance at [email protected] or 734-764-3427.

Fuel stations

LTP Fleet Services has installed single use glove dispensers at the campus fuel stations.

Driving Tips

Safety Topics

Vehicle Features

Below are a series of helpful videos explaining some of the features that may be present in your Fleet vehicle.

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