Definition of a Temporary Employee for Parking Purposes

A temporary employee is an individual working for or with the University for a limited/specific time frame, that is not eligible for University paid benefits, including departmental parking contributions.


Temporary appointments can usually be verified in Wolverine Access. If it cannot be verified, however, a department head or supervisor must submit a Parking Eligibility Form for any temporary employees requesting a parking permit.

Options and Cost

Temporary employees are eligible for Orange parking permits.  All permits are sold by the calendar month, not date to date. If permits are purchased prior to the 15th of any calendar month, the full month cost will be charged. For a permit purchased after the 15th of any calendar month, the charge will be the prorated amount for the last half of the month. Temporary employees are not eligible for Payroll Deduction and must pay in full for their permit at the time of purchase.

If you select to purchase a daily or monthly permit, you must pay in full at the time of purchase by check or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). The rates are listed below.


These lots are our commuter lots and require a bus/shuttle ride. Read more about our bus system to find the route that works for you.

Other Orange Options Your Cost
Daily $2.00
Monthly $22.00