Rental vehicles are billed by the day – What constitutes a day for billing?

Rental vehicles are billed based on the time the rental is picked up or the reservation pick up time (whichever is earlier*) and a 24 hour clock. Any time up to the first 24 hours is one day, 24 to 48 hours is 2 days, 48 to 72 hours is 3 days, etc.

* Unless the vehicle rental is for the weekend – billing is started on the reserved pick up time

What is a shortcode?

A shortcode is a 6 digit number that is used to bill services within the U-M financial system to a specific U-M department/organization.

What if I have a fleet car that my department doesn’t use with great frequency?
Please contact Fleet Services at 734.764.3427 or [email protected].  We can assist you with the best options for your department including short term rentals. Some departments save money by returning their annual leases and only leasing a vehicle when needed.  

Fleet Vehicles (those with U-M license plates) are authorized to park in the Thompson Structure (W3) on levels six and above for more than 48 hours. Thompson Street Parking Structure is a secured facility and since it currently has availability, this area has been recommended for U-M Fleet Vehicles.


Do I need to return the rental vehicle full of fuel?

No, our service station attendants refuel every rental vehicle upon return and fuel dispensed from our tanks is less expensive than retail fuel stations.

Where are the campus fuel stations and what are the hours of operation?

We have 2 campus fuel stations:

1213 Kipke Drive – hours of operation M-F 6:30 am until 11:00 pm
3256 Baxter Road – hours of operation 24 hours 7 days.

If I need to refuel the vehicle during my rental, what do I do?

Purchase fuel from a retail fuel station using your P-card or personal funds. Be sure to get a receipt and write the U-M vehicle number on the receipt as this will be needed for reimbursement from your department.

What type of fuel do I use in the rental vehicle I was issued?

All rental vehicles use unleaded fuel – 87 octane is acceptable.


In which campus parking lots may I park the rental vehicle?

Rental vehicles are considered business vehicles and can be parked in business, blue, yellow or orange parking lots or structures. NO PARKING IN THE FOREST STREET PARKING STRUCTURE – not U-M owned.

I will be returning my rental vehicle after hours, where do I park it and where do I put the keys?

You can park in lot SC10 (restricted U-M vehicle only lot just north of the Fleet Service building) or SC7 (yellow lot just west of the Fleet Services building). We have 2 key drop boxes one in the vestibule on the north side of the Fleet Services building and one on the west wall of the Fleet Services building.

I received a parking ticket during my rental, what should I do?

You are personally responsible for any parking or moving violation incurred during your rental.

I received a parking ticket and would like to contest the violation, what do I do?

You may contest a parking violation by following the instructions on the violation. City of Ann Arbor violations can be contested on their website.

    How long can I park a personal vehicle on campus?

    • All personal vehicles on campus need to be moved every 48 hours per the Regent Ordinance. 
    • No overnight parking is allowed in lots south of Hill Street or in lots W32, W39 and W40. 

     What if I’m going out of town with a fleet vehicle and have a personal vehicle –
     where can I park my personal vehicle?

    1. It is recommended to leave your vehicle at home.  Get a ride in or carpool to campus.  
    2. Check with your department – they may pay for a car service to pick you up/drop you off.
    3. Please note there is no long-term parking on campus.  Park & Ride locations on Plymouth Road, Miller Road, and State Street do not allow for overnight parking.  
    4. Check into State of Michigan Park & Ride locations in the area.  
    5. Limited storage parking is available in parking lot SC5 (with the exception of dates for football games).  Inquire with Fleet Services for availability and pricing. 

     Can I use a Fleet Vehicle in Patient/Visitor parking without paying?
     No.  Any patient/visitor parking fees would need to be paid by the driver.


I need to cancel my rental, how much notice do I need to give Fleet Service without incurring a charge?

You must cancel your vehicle request 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time to not incur a late cancellation charge.

What do I need to bring with me to pick up a rental vehicle?

Your drivers license. Vehicles will not be issued without your license. If you have an International driver license (license issued from a country not the United States) you are required by Michigan law to carry your drivers license from the issuing country and an International Driving Permit.

I belong to a student organization and have a U-M business need to rent a vehicle, what is the process?

You need to contact Center for Campus Involvement (CCI) to reserve the vehicle(s). Ensure your Maize Pages are updated and complete. Verify you have the funds to cover rental fees in your Student Organization Account Services (SOAS) account.

What time should I return my rental vehicle?

You need to return your rental vehicle by the return date and time stated on your vehicle reservation. A late charge equal to two days charge will be assessed for each day it is late following the date/time you stated on your vehicle reservation.

Can I pick up a vehicle reserved for another driver or someone else?

You will need to change the driver within the vehicle reservation system or you will not be able to pick up the vehicle.

Can I pick up a rental vehicle if my MVR check is not completed or approved?

No, you cannot reserve a vehicle in your name unless you have had your MVR check done by Fleet Services and are approved to operate U-M vehicles.

Vehicle Problems

For more in-depth and immediate answers to vehicle problems, please visit the fleet vehicle pool issues page.
I had an accident with my rental vehicle – What should I do?

Secure all occupants and vehicle to prevent further incident. Call the local police. If the accident caused an injury to anyone, contact Risk Management at 734-764-2200. Contact Garage Services at 734-764-2490 or U-M DPSS at 734-763-1131 (after hours or weekends). Proof of vehicle registration and insurance is in the glove box of your rental vehicle to provide to police. Within 48 hours of the incident, complete the Driver’s Report of Vehicle Damage or Public Incident.

I had a mechanical problem or vehicle breakdown during the rental?

Contact Garage Services at 734-764-2490 or U-M DPSS at 734-763-1131 (after hours or weekends) for assistance. Contracted service is also available through Verizon Networkfleet – call (866) 227-7323 option #1. Verizon will send a local towing service to assist you with battery boost, flat tire repair, fuel delivery, locksmith service, towing and winch services.

I am losing bluetooth connection with the Chrysler Pacifica.
  • Restart your phone.
  • Double-check that your phone is paired with the vehicle.
  • Soft reset Uconnect
    • Put your vehicle in park and ensure that it is in “Run” mode.
    • Press and hold both the volume and tuner knob buttons simultaneously.
    • Hold down the knobs for roughly 10-20 seconds.
    • A screen should flash with your vehicle’s brand name, then go dark once more.
    • Next, the brand name will return and will return to the main Uconnect® page.

Vehicle Use

Should I clean the car before I return it?

We ask that all our rental customers return the vehicle in the same condition as it was issued. Our attendants do clean every vehicle upon return but vehicles that are returned extremely dirty will be assessed a cleaning charge.

Do you have a GPS, cell phone charger, navigation device, UPass (toll device) available for your rental vehicles?

No, you must bring your own devices if you need them.

Can my child or spouse ride in the U-M vehicle?

No, U-M vehicles are for U-M faculty, staff, students or guests of the University.

During my rental, I will be utilizing toll roads- what do I do?

Pay the toll fees using your P-card or personal funds. Be sure to get a receipt and write the U-M vehicle number on the receipt as this will be needed for reimbursement from your department.

Can I take the rental vehicle home?

No, use of U-M vehicles is for U-M business only and must be parked on U-M property when not in use.

What is the difference between a rental and a lease?

A rental is a temporary need for transportation. A lease is a longer term- months or years of a vehicle need.

I left something in the rental vehicle; do you have a lost and found?

Yes, our rental vehicles are cleaned and fueled after every use. We make every effort to notify our rental customers when we find items left in vehicles. If you left something, please contact us via email to [email protected] or [email protected] or call us at 734-764-2485.