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DaysDeparture FromIn the Direction ofFirst DepartureLast Departure
Mon – ThuRuthven MuseumNorthwood V* 7:15 am2:15 am
Mon – ThuNorthwood VRuthven Museum** 6:55 am2:15 am
FridayRuthven MuseumNorthwood V* 7:15 am2:55 am
FridayNorthwood VRuthven Museum** 6:55 am2:35 am
SaturdayRuthven MuseumNorthwood V8:35 am2:55 am
SaturdayNorthwood VRuthven Museum8:35 am2:35 am
SundayRuthven MuseumNorthwood V8:35 am2:15 am
SundayNorthwood VRuthven Museum8:35 am11:55 pm

* Additional early departure during Fall/Winter terms at 6:55 am
** Additional early departure during Fall/Winter terms at 6:35 am

Click on the stop for a map to its location as well as the upcoming scheduled arrivals. If the route does not operate during the current semester no stops will display.

Stop Location Description
N414 Northwood III Outbound S side of Hubbard at Northwood III, across from lot NW 10
N416 Northwood I Outbound S side of Hubbard, W of Cram Circle
N418 Cram Circle Outbound E side of Cram Circle, N of Hubbard
N420 Northwood II Outbound S side of Bishop, W of Beal
N421 Fire Station Inbound Firestation driveway at bus shelter
N424 Plymouth Rd Crosswalk S side of McIntyre, Northwood IV, lot NW 44
N426 Northwood IV W side of McIntyre at lot NW 46
N428 Northwood Community Center W side of McIntyre, across from NW Community Ctr at lot NW 47
N430 Hayward/Hubbard, Hubbard Outbound W side of Hubbard, N of Hayward/Hubbard intersection
N434 Huron/Hubbard, Huron Outbound W side of Huron Pkwy, S of Hubbard
N435 Northwood V (1) Northwood V, W side of Stone Rd at Hubbard Rd
N436 Northwood V (2) Northwood V, Stone Rd between NW 53 and NW 54
N437 Northwood V (3) Northwood V, NE corner of Stone Rd and Stone Rd
N437 Northwood V (3) Northwood V, NE corner of Stone Rd and Stone Rd
N433 NCAC, Hubbard Inbound N side of Hubbard at NCAC, lot NC 65
N431 Huron/Hubbard, Hubbard Inbound N side of Hubbard, W of Huron Pkwy
N405 FXB Inbound W side of Beal at Hayward
N403 Cooley Lab Inbound N side of Bonisteel, W of Beal
N553 Pierpont Commons, Bonisteel Inbound NE corner of Murfin and Bonisteel, on Bonisteel
N452 Fuller Rd at Lot NC-78, Mitchell Field (3) W stop on N side of Fuller Rd at NC 78
M305 Couzens Hall SE corner of Ann St and Zina Pitcher
M304 Lloyd/Observatory W side of Observatory at Ann St
M302 Stockwell Hall Inbound W side of Observatory at Stockwell Hall
C251 Central Campus Transit Center: Ruthven Museum N side of Central Campus Transit Center

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Bus Tracking

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