Dedicated parking is provided for University Service Vehicles, and a permit is required. To qualify, vehicle use must meet the following definition:

“A service vehicle is any licensed University vehicle, typically a truck or van, whose primary purpose supports maintenance and repair work for University buildings and grounds, OR for daily delivery of commodities, materials, equipment, and tools. Only vehicles with such primary purposes are permitted to use U-M Service Vehicle spaces. Sedans and other types of vehicles used primarily for the transportation of passengers will be known as U-M Business Vehicles and are expressly excluded from the service vehicle definition.”

Parking in designated U-M Service Vehicle, U-M Business, Commercial Vehicle (time limits must be observed), Blue, Yellow, and Orange spaces. U-M Service Vehicle spaces are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unless otherwise noted. If you need access to gated structure parking for your University-issued service vehicle, please contact Logistics, Transportation & Parking at (734) 936-2208 to obtain a device.

Note: if you drive a U-M Service vehicle, we ask that you use the dedicated spaces first whenever possible to keep non-dedicated spaces available for others.

Guidelines for Parking

  • Be mindful of the space you are occupying and  the time required to perform your tasks. 
  • Adhere to the time restrictions established.
  • Service vehicles are able to utilize service, business, commercial plate (short term, 15 minutes or less), blue, yellow and orange spaces on campus. 
  • Sidewalk Precautions: Vehicle speed limited to 2 mph, must use emergency flashers, use is restricted to necessary trips for unloading materials – use for convenience is prohibited. 
  • In the event of an emergency or to perform critical work (grounds work, manhole or lighting pm) follow these guidelines:
    • A minimum aisle of 6 feet around the vehicle must be maintained
    • Cones must be placed at each end of the vehicle and emergency flashers must be used.
    • If a 6-foot aisle cannot be maintained – barricades must be placed at the nearest pedestrian crossing with signage posted of sidewalk closure. 

Service Vehicle Space Locations

Lot Lot/Structure Name Address Space Type Quantity
C1 Mason Hall Dock 800 North University Street Service Vehicle 2
C3 Randall Lab 500 East University Street Service Vehicle 6
C5 Libraries Service Areas 900 South University Street Service Vehicle 8
C9 Chemistry Dock 902 North University Street Service Vehicle 1
C10 West Hall Dock 900 South University Street Service Vehicle 5
E2 CCRB – Central Campus Recreation Building 1308 N. University Street Service Vehicle 4
E3 Ruthven Museum 1200 Geddes Service Vehicle 3
E6 CC Little Building Dock 400 Block Church Service Vehicle 4
E8 Church Street Parking Structure 525 Church Street Service Vehicle 8
E9 Wilmont Court 500 South Forest Service Vehicle 10
M5 Catherine Street Parking Structure 1120 Catherine Street Service Vehicle 1
M13 Med Inn E. Hospital Drive Service Vehicle 3
M18 P3 1600 East Medical Center Drive Service Vehicle 1
M22 Mott Parking Structure (Simpson or P4) 1535 East Hospital Drive Service Vehicle 3
M25 School of Public Health I 1500 Washington Heights Service Vehicle 2
M27 Mental Health Research Institute 1100 East Ann Service Vehicle 5
M36 Victor Vaughn Dock 1100 West Medical Center Drive Service Vehicle 1
M38 Taubman Library 1300 East Catherine Place Service Vehicle 2
M39 Kellogg Eye Center/Turner Dock Canal Street (behind building) Service Vehicle 4
M44 Alice Lloyd Dock 100 Observatory Service Vehicle 3
M47 Couzens Hall Dock 1200 East Ann Street Service Vehicle 2
M49 Stockwell Dock-West 1300 North University Court Service Vehicle 2
M51 Mary Markley Dock 1503 East Medical Center Service Vehicle 4
M54 MSRB III Dock West Medical Center Drive Service Vehicle 1
M55 MSRB Dock VI 1202 West Medical Center Service Vehicle 8
M62 North Ingalls Building-East 1000 Catherine Street Service Vehicle 10
M65 Cornwell Place 1000 Cornwell Place Service Vehicle 6
M66 North Ingalls Street 402 North Ingalls Service Vehicle 1
M69 MSRB III Building 1150 West Medical Center Service Vehicle 1
M90 Glen @ Ann Street Glen Avenue Service Vehicle 4
M93 Wall Street East Structure 1041 Wall Street Service Vehicle 3
M98 West Medical Center Dr Sidewalk West Medical Center Dr Service Vehicle 3
M99 Wall Street West Structure 959 Wall Street Service Vehicle 4
N7 Power Center Dock Palmer Drive Service Vehicle 4
N13 Fletcher Street Parking Structure 201 Fletcher Street Service Vehicle 4
N15 Health Service-North 203 Fletcher Street Service Vehicle 2
N20 MLB/HIll Aud 300 Thayer Street Service Vehicle 2
N23 Plant Services Dock Area Palmer Drive Lot Service Vehicle 3
N26 Palmer Drive Structure 200 Washtenaw Avenue Service Vehicle 5
N27 Life Sciences Institute Washtenaw Avenue Lot Service Vehicle 6
NC6 Computing Center 2200 Glazier Way Service Vehicle 4
NC13 Pierpont Commons Dock 2100 Bonisteel Service Vehicle 4
NC14 Cooley Lab Dock 1200 Beal Avenue Service Vehicle 4
NC16 Gerstacker Bldg & BIRB 1101 Beal Service Vehicle 1
NC19 North Campus Sub Station 2603 Draper Dr. Service Vehicle 26
NC20 GG Brown Building 2300 Hayward Avenue Service Vehicle 1
NC21 Bob & Betty Beyster Building 2260 Hayward Avenue Service Vehicle 1
NC24 EECS Bldg Service Area 1300 Beal Avenue Service Vehicle 5
NC29 Space Research Lab Dock 2500 Hayward Street Service Vehicle 2
NC37 Printing Services 1919 Green Road Service Vehicle 4
NC38 Property Disposition 1200 Dean Road Service Vehicle 6
NC41 Art & Architecture Service Area Fuller Road Service Vehicle 2
NC44 North Campus Recreation Bldg (NCRB) 2375 Hubbard Service Vehicle 1
NC55 Media Union/PML Dock 2301 Bonisteel Avenue Service Vehicle 3
NC56 NAME Dock-West 1200 Draper Service Vehicle 3
NC57 School of Music Dock 900 Baits Service Vehicle 2
NC62 North Campus Facilities Services Bldg 3231 Baxter Rd Service Vehicle 6
NC65 North Campus Administrative Complex 2901 Hubbard Road Service Vehicle 1
NC67 Transit Dean Rd 1665 Dean Road Service EV 2
NC68 Service Center Dean Rd Dean Road Service Vehicle 12
NC71 Chiller North Chiller North Service Vehicle 3
NC80 Green Road 1919 Green Road Service Vehicle 11
NC86 NCRC Parking – East Campus 1600 Huron Parkway Service Vehicle 2
NC92 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 3
NC93 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 2
NC94 NCRC Parking Lot O 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 2
NC95 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 1
NC101 NCRC Parking Lot U 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 5
NC102 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road Service Vehicle 6
S1 Hutchins Hall Service Area 800 Monroe Street Service Vehicle 1
S5 Oakland Avenue Monroe Oakland Street Lot Service Vehicle 2
S6 School of Education Dock East University Street Service Vehicle 2
S8 Hill Street Parking Structure 1001 Hill Street Service Vehicle 4
S11 East Quadrangle Dock 700 Church Street Service Vehicle 3
SC2 Between Hoover & Greene 1032 Greene Buidling Service Vehicle 4
SC5 Crisler Arena Area Kipke Drive Service Vehicle 1
SC7 Crisler Arena Area Kipke Drive – East Service Vehicle 1
SC8 Plant Service Area 1200 Kipke Drive Service Vehicle 40
SC11 Physical Properties Building 326 E. Hoover Service Vehicle 1
SC17 Wolverine Tower 3003 State Street Service Vehicle 2
SC43 Varsity Drive 3600 Varsity Drive Service Vehicle 1
W1 South Quadrangle 600 Monroe Street Service Vehicle 4
W3 Thompson Street Parking Structure 508 Thompson Street Service Vehicle 3
W9 Perry Building East 330 Packard Service Vehicle 2
W13 Student Activities Building 400 Thompson Street Service Vehicle 1
W15 Parallel Parking/Richard Kennedy Drive Parallel Parking/Richard Kennedy Drive Service Vehicle 5
W21 Madison Building 109 East Madison Service Vehicle 5
W22 South Quad Service Area 600 Monroe Street Service Vehicle 3
W29 Division Street Division Street Service Vehicle 6

Permit Styles



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