There are over 8,500 bike parking spaces (each hoop provides 2 parking spaces) on U-M’s Ann Arbor campus. This translates to about 1 place for every 10 people within an academic, research and office building on campus and 1 place for every 4 people living in a residence hall. These ratios fall within common guidelines from around the country and are the result of a concerted effort over the past ten years to increase the number of bike parking spots on campus.

The majority of the bicycle parking spaces are of the inverted “U” design where each hoop accommodates two bicycles. The hoops are typically clustered, placed on hard surfaces and located in the vicinity of building entrances. Some larger bike parking clusters are centrally located to serve numerous buildings. Most of the parking spots are uncovered, but where possible some racks are located under building overhangs and within parking decks. Cyclists should park bikes at designated bike racks and refrain from locking their bikes to fences, sign post or trees.

Bicycling Guide and Bike Parking Locations

The following guide maps provide information on common bicycle routes around campus along with the location and the type of bicycle parking available.

Bike Lockers

There are a limited number of bike lockers that provide covered and secured parking for individuals bicycles. The lockers are available for lease at a nominal fee plus a refundable key deposit.  The intent of the bike locker program is to assist full-time faculty and staff who are biking into work daily who need a space to store their bike.  For inquiries regarding bike lockers please contact Alternative Transportation.

Lockers are located at:

  • Wolverine Tower
  • Space Research
  • Medical Campus

Covered/Secured Parking

A secured, indoor bicycle parking facility is available on the South side of the Thompson St. Parking Structure – out of the elements and accessible to only those with rented space. Two doors, accessed via programmed Mcards, with a 50-bike capacity – either on floor loops or on wall racks. 

Rental of bicycle storage space is $72.00 per parking permit year or $6.00 per month. The fee must be paid in full at the time of purchase. Payment methods include check (payable to University of Michigan) or credit card. To rent space in the facility, please stop by one of the Parking Customer Service Locations.

Thompson St. Bike Storage facility currently has space available.

Abandoned Bike Removal Guidelines

The Regents of the University of Michigan have enacted an ordinance allowing for the  impoundment of a bicycle that is left unattended for 48 hours; left in a manner as to unreasonably obstruct the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic; or otherwise in violation with the ordinance. The ordinance allows for the impoundment of bicycles that are determined to be abandoned.

If you suspect that your bicycle has been impounded, please refer to this Google document for reference and contacts for recovery.

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