Central Campus

The visitor parking rate is $2.20 per hour.

At Palmer parking structure, pay-in-lane machines are installed at two lanes to process exit transactions. The machines accept debit/credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) payment. QR-coded validation tickets issued by department hosts provide discounted or free parking. Exit assistance is available by pressing the pay station’s HELP (intercom) button.

Michigan Medicine

The following are the rates for unvalidated tickets:

Parking Duration 
Less than one hourFree
1-8 hours$3.00
8-24 hours$20.00

For those who park 8 hours or less, there is no need to have your parking ticket validated; the parking rate is $3.00 regardless.

For those who park longer than 8 hours, your parking ticket may be validated for the $3.00 daily rate (free for infusion patients). Validation is available at:  

    Main Entrance Information Desk, Ground Level/B2
    Main Entrance Welcome Center, Floor 1
    Family Surgery Waiting Area, Floor 1
    Welcome Center, Floor 2
    Welcome Center/Security Desk, Level 2
    Security Desk, Level 2
    Security Desk, Level 3 (Parking Structure Connector)
    Main Entrance, Floor 3

To receive free parking, infusion patients must be validated at their point of service.


Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express). Cash also accepted.

Financial Assistance

The UMHHC Guest Assistance office offers a special parking program for patients who meet specific income guidelines. Please call +1 (734) 764-6893 for more information.

School of Dentistry/University Health Service

A discounted parking rate of $3.00 is available to dental patients who have their parking ticket validated within the School of Dentistry. Please visit a patient services desk to have your ticket validated.

University Health Service patients pay the prevailing parking rate of $1.00 per half hour. However, patients need to have their ticket stamped to avoid paying a $30.00 fine. The stamp does not reduce the parking rate, it is used for properly identifying that the user is a patient.

Anyone who is not a patient of these two locations but parks in the patient parking area is subject to a $30.00 fine in addition to the parking rate fee.1