Visitor parking is available in a number of locations across campus with Central Pay Machines (CPM), as well as the Palmer Structure with pay-in-lane machines. Parking fees are $2.20 per hour. The maximum hours of use and enforcement hours, which vary by location, are posted at the pay machines. Motorcycles and mopeds are also eligible to park in visitor spaces in lots by paying the associated fees. They are not allowed to use structure spaces.


Lot Lot/Structure Name Address Enforcement Hours
E16 Trotter House 1443 Washtenaw Ave 6am – 6pm, Mon – Fri
M69 MSRB III Building 1150 West Medical Center 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
M86 Ann Street Parking Structure 1115 Ann Street 6am – 6pm, Mon – Fri
NC5 School of Information Fuller Road 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC10 School of Music 900 Baits 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC26 Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering 2500 Hayward Street 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC27 Walgreen Drama Center 1300 Murfin Avenue 6am – 8pm, Mon – Sat
NC39 Property Disposition/Housing 3241 Baxter 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC40 Stearns Building 2005 Baits 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC44 North Campus Recreation Bldg (NCRB) 2375 Hubbard 6am – 5pm, 7 Days
NC63 North Campus Administrative Complex 2901 Hubbard Road 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC67 Transit Dean Rd 1665 Dean Road 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC84 NCRC Parking – East Campus 1600 Huron Parkway 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC92 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC99 NCRC Parking – West Campus 2800 Plymouth Road 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
NC105 NCRC Parking-West Campus 2800 Plymouth Rd 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
SC43 Varsity Drive 3600 Varsity Drive 6am – 5pm, Mon – Fri
W13 Student Activities Building 400 Thompson Street 6am – 6pm, Mon – Sat


Central Pay Machines (CPMs) accept credit/debit card payments.

At every location, each parking space is individually numbered. Be sure to observe your space number as it must be entered into the CPM to make payment.

passport signage

In addition to credit/debit cards, visitor parking locations with CPMs now accept the Passport Mobile Payment system. The system allows users to pay parking fees from any internet-capable device – cell phone, tablet, PC, or laptop – as well as by phone, rather than at the machine.

To use the system, download the app to the device(s) of choice, complete the verification security process and enter your payment method. Enter the parking ZONE number (8636 = U of M), space number and duration of stay to establish a parking session.

Find the app at the iPhone App Store, Google Play, the Passport website, or dial (734) 274-6183.


CPMs offer the option of a printed receipt that lists the expiration time.


Parking sessions may be canceled before the GREEN OK button is pressed. Refer to the instructions on the receipt to obtain the refund. Refunds are available weekdays between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Refunds are not available after the GREEN OK button is pressed, or for excess/overpayment.


Palmer Structure

At Palmer parking structure, pay-in-lane stations are installed at two lanes to process exit transactions. Stations accept debit/credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express) payments. QR-coded validation tickets issued by department hosts provide discounted or free parking. The cost is $2.20 per hour. Exit assistance is available by pressing the pay station’s HELP (intercom) button.

LotNameAddressEnforcement Hours
N26Palmer Drive Structure200 Washtenaw Ave.24 hrs, Mon – Sat


How To Use An Automated Pay Station

  1. When entering the parking structure, take a ticket from the entry terminal.
  2. Pay “in lane” at the exit:
    • Proceed in your vehicle to the parking structure exit and insert your parking ticket in the pay station.
    • Follow the on-screen and audio instructions
    • Insert credit card to pay the amount indicated
  3. Lose your ticket? Press the “Lost Ticket” button on the pay station. The default rate for a lost ticket is $52.80, the equivalent of a 24-hour park.
  4. What if I have a problem using the pay station? Press the HELP button located on the upper right corner of the machine and a parking services representative will be happy to assist you.

QR-Coded Validation Tickets

Validations are available to departments to pay for their guests parking fee. Contact the Parking Customer Services by filling out this form.


Report equipment operating problems at +1 (734) 615-6111