Parking options for faculty and staff who are on campus infrequently or work a hybrid work schedule. The prior limit of 60 parks no longer applies. 

Structure and Gated Lot Access –  for parking structures and for NC43 and NC60 (does not include NC100, Forest Street Parking Structure, P3 or P5):

  1. Daily Blue parking permit (sometimes called a Light Blue permit) is available for purchase. Permit contains a chip to lift gates upon entry/exit or is an AVI device. $6 per park and a $20 deposit for the device. ONLY valid in gated areas on campus (Blue parking). Parks can be refilled online at

Non-Gated Surface Lot Parking

  1. Scratch off permits:
    • The month, date, and year for the day parking is needed is scratched off and then displayed in the vehicle. Currently, a pack of 10 parks costs $60 ($6 per park). Valid in Blue, Yellow and Orange parking.
  2. Printed daily permit:
    • Some staff prefer to pay the Orange/Yellow daily rate for parking ($2/$3 per day). 
    • If staff are interested in this option, they can stop by Parking Customer Services (PCS) the morning they need a parking permit and pay for just that day to park. 
    • PCS provides a paper parking permit with the date on the permit to display in the vehicle. 
    • In addition, some staff know that they work every other Monday (for example) and so will stop in to purchase permits for the month (5/1 and 5/15 for example – for a total of $4/$6). 
    • This option does require staff to stop by PCS more frequently and so we find that most staff prefer to go with the packet of 10 scratch off permits for $60. 

Obtaining/Exchanging a Parking Permit – 

Stop in Parking Customer Services with your current permit to swap it out, or purchase a daily option. There are City of Ann Arbor parking meters in front of the PCS office (currently enforcement starts at 8 a.m. and PCS opens at 7:30 a.m.)

See the Daily Parking page for more faculty and staff information. Please note eligibility and rates are different for Temporary Employees.