Aerial view of vehicles parking in a parking lot.

The University of Michigan’s parking permit rates will increase by 2 percent for the fiscal year 2025 for all annual permit categories.   

The increase in parking permit fees in fiscal year 25 helps support the campus parking and transportation system including operations, maintenance, and debt service. It also supports alternative transportation options including the MRide and vanpool programs.

Parking permit rates for fiscal year 25 are shown below. For additional information on eligibility requirements, daily options and other parking programs, please visit the Permit Parking page.

Permit TypeUniversity Contribution*Fiscal Year 25 RateChange From Fiscal Year 24
Student – Orange$88/Year+$2.00/Year
Student – After Hours$72/Year+$1.00/Year
Student – Yellow w/After Hours$247/Year+$5.00/Year
Student – Storage (NC32/SC34)$244/Year+$5.00/Year
Departments – Business Vehicle$1,002/Year+$21.00/Year
Daily Blue (Light Blue)$6/DayNo Change
Visitor Rate$2.40/Hr+$0.20/Hr

* Faculty with a 0% appointment, temporary staff, affiliates, and other non-University staff are required to pay the full cost of the permit (University + Employee contributions).  

Purchasing permits

Fiscal year 25 parking permits (valid July 1, 2024 – June 30, 2025) will be available to order online on Thursday, May 16.

Please order annual permits online to avoid waiting in line for your parking permit.

For customers needing to purchase a permit at a Parking Customer Services office, 2025 sales begin at the offices on Monday, June 17. This is also the first date Student Storage Permits are available. Students interested in a Student Storage Permit are encouraged to order online on Monday, June 17 as permits are limited (first-come, first-serve).

Parking Customer Services office hours and locations can be found on the Contact Customer Services page.