Snow filled parking lot with frozen vehicles on North Campus.

In colder winter months (Dec 1, 2022 – March 31, 2023), significant resources are required to maintain parking areas and perform activities like pre-salting, deicing, snow removal, and hauling.  In order to optimize parking staff resources, Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) will temporarily close currently underutilized areas within the parking system. Identified areas would close around the first snowfall and remain closed with no winter maintenance during the snow season.  All open parking areas will be maintained as in previous years.

Locations identified for temporary closure/no winter maintenance are indicated below: 

Surface Lot Closures

North Campus:

  • NC82 (partial closure of yellow permit parking area, retaining section near the building)
  • NC96 (full closure) – NCRC West

Central Campus:

  • W11 (partial closure) – Krause Street

Ross Athletic Campus:

  • SC17 (no winter maintenance in certain areas) – Wolverine Tower
  • SC34 (no winter maintenance in certain areas) – State Street Park & Ride

Structure Closures (Roof Level Only)

  • North Campus: NC100 Structure
  • Medical Campus: Wall East and West Structures (opened as needed for winter season day and holiday parking)
  • Central Campus:
    • Thompson Structure (opened as needed for event parking)
    • Thayer Structure (open until Dec 17th)