On Sunday, August 22, Logistics, Transportation & Parking will introduce a service change in support of the Fall Term and increased activity on campus.  

Preventative measures that remain in place on the campus bus system include:

  • Face coverings are required. No mask, no service.
  • Transit routes designed for passenger trips to be completed in approximately 15 minutes or less.
  • Moveable shields installed as a barrier between passengers and drivers.
  • Drivers will take advantage of stops to open doors for increased ventilation.
  • Increased air filtration and open windows for all buses.
  • Cleaning and disinfection protocols for frequently touched surfaces inside the bus.

Fixed routes operating this Fall include (Link to Fall Term Routes and Schedules): 

Campus Routes  

  • Campus Connector  
  • Bursley-Baits Loop 
  • Green Road-NW5 Loop 
  • Northwood Loop
  • Oxford-Markley Loop
  • Stadium-Diag Loop

Michigan Medicine Routes

  • Med Express
  • Wall St-NIB & Express
  • Crisler Express
  • Glazier Express 

All Michigan Medicine routes will continue operations and current schedules.  East Ann Arbor Employee Parking and Late Night Shuttles will also continue operations.

Paratransit and After Hours services will continue operations in addition to SafeRide.

Visit TheRide website for updated information on AAATA routes and schedules.  


Fall Term Transit Service – FAQ

  1. Why has the university decided to run the routes developed during the COVID-19 pandemic now that the semester will be mostly in-person and back to normal?

Working with faculty and staff in the College of Engineering, we optimized the bus system so that the majority of trips are shorter for most riders.  The system was optimized from longer circuitous trips to a hub-and-spoke system (circulator routes connect to hubs at CCTC and Pierpont Commons for travel between Central and North campuses).

2. Have there been talks of returning to the routes that were in place in 2019, like the North and South Commuter routes? 

Transit Services will evaluate operations as conditions change in the future.  The redesigned bus routes will be in place for at least the Fall Term.

3. What restrictions have EHS placed on the transportation system? 

We continue to work collaboratively with EHS and other university leaders to provide a safe and health-informed operation.

4. Many students feel that this will be a great inconvenience to them once the semester begins. Do you have any words of advice for students?

The trips between North and Central Campuses will be quicker and more direct.  The circulators on North, Central and South Campuses will provide a convenient option for movement around the campuses.  Some riders may choose to use the circulators or walk to the main hubs of the Campus Connector for trips between the campuses. 

5. Do I still need to wear a mask when riding the bus?

Yes, everyone on campus transportation is required to wear a mask.

The route shown in maize is the Campus Connector– this route provides a direct connection between Central and North campuses and runs at a high frequency of every 2-5 minutes during peak travel times.  Circulators on North, Central and South campuses connect to the Campus Connector and also provide a convenient option for movement around the campuses.