Alternative Transportation

There are many benefits to riding a bicycle to and around campus, including covered parking, bike rentals, and more.
Carpooling is a cost-efficient way to commute and park on campus. Sharing a ride with a co-worker can save on gas, vehicle maintenance and parking costs, and lessens traffic congestion and pollution.
Commute Calculator
Use this calculator to quickly see the savings you can realize by carpooling, vanpooling, or taking the bus.
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
Have a plug-in electric vehicle? Find out what options exist for charging on campus.
ExpressRide is an AAATA commuter bus service running from the Chelsea and Canton communities to Ann Arbor and University of Michigan campuses.
Motorcycles and Mopeds
Riding a motorcycle or moped to campus can reduce commuting costs. Find out where to park here.
SPIN E-Scooters
The university has approved a one-year pilot agreement with Ford-owned SPIN with an initial deployment of 200 e-scooters. Find the details here.
Vanpooling is a cost-effective way to ease your daily commute. See the benefits and sign up today.
Zipcars (external link)
Need access to a vehicle on campus? Enroll in a car sharing program with Zipcar and leave your car at home.