Transit Alert – CIT Phase Six

Type General
Affected Routes Crisler Express, Glazier Express, Oxford-Markley Loop, Wall Street-NIB
Starts 06/09/2021
Ends 07/01/2021

Phase 6:

OXM: Washington Heights to East Med to Observatory to Huron to Fletcher

No service to the BSRB

WSN: Buses will follow the move-in detour (same as previous phase).

Wall St-NIB buses headed toward North Ingalls will follow regular route from Wall St to Taubman Inbound Stop, then:


  • Follow East Medical Center Dr to Simpson Dr at MOTT hospital (at the traffic signal)ÂÂ

  • Turn Right (north) on E. Hospital Dr. at the traffic signal

  • Service the temporary stop near the Old Mott entrance

  • Follow E. Hospital Dr around the parking structure to Simpson Dr ÂÂ

  • Take a Left onto Simpson Dr, continue to East Medical Center Dr

  • Turn Left (east) on East Medical Center Dr

  • Service the Mott/Markley and Taubman Outbound Stops

  • Turn Left (west) on West Medical Center Dr

  • Turn Right (west) on Catherine and resume regular route on Catherine


Buses will observe their time point at NIB and go directly to the Wall St deck from there.ÂÂ


Buses will depart NIB, continue on N. Ingalls St

  • Turn Left (west) on E Kingsley St

  • Turn Left (south) on State St

  • Take an immediate Right (west) onto E Kingsley St

  • Take a Right (north) on N. Division St

  • Continue onto Broadway, crossing over the Broadway Bridge

  • Take a Right (south) on Wall St

  • Take a Left (north) on Nielsen Ct at Wall St structure

  • Resume regular route at Wall St Stop


CSX AM: No service to the BSRB

CSX PM: No service to the BSRB

GX AM: No service to the BSRB

GX PM: Follow the AM route, No service to Couzens/BSRB