The university has approved a one-year pilot agreement with Ford-owned SPIN and with an initial deployment of 200 e-scooters. LTP supports sustainable and healthy transportation options and our hope is that the e-scooters are not used as a replacement for walking or biking.

The university is piloting e-scooters as a mobility solution due to the potential benefits of:

  • Reducing congestion and need to drive on campus
  • Ability to better connect campus areas and provide an option for inter-day travel
  • Valuable data that can help inform future campus transportation decisions

A smart-phone will be needed to access SPIN’s app and users will be charged to unlock the scooter and travel to their destination.


  • Wearing a helmet – Wearing a helmet is recommended.
  • Riding – Riding on sidewalks is not permitted. Campus “no-ride” zones will be established by geo-fence – these will be in areas with high pedestrian traffic such as the Diag, Law Quad and Grove.
  • Parking – Scooters must be parked at campus bike racks and will be reinforced through the app