Student Transit Coach Operators

Thank you for your interest in the Student Transit Coach Operator position. The University of Michigan's Parking and Transportation Services department employs more than 100 student and Union drivers who transport over 7 million passengers per year. All University Transit Coach Operators are commercially licensed with passenger and air brakes endorsements. They drive more than five types of vehicles regularly, including 40-foot transit coaches and 30-foot shuttle buses.

Students hired by our department are taken through a step-by-step training process to achieve the proficiency needed to become safe, competent, and courteous drivers. Students will spend approximately 120 hours in training, which includes both classroom and hands-on segments. Our individually tailored training program ensures that new drivers receive specialized attention that addresses their needs as they learn to drive. Upon completion of the training program, students will take a driving test for their commercial driver license. All training is paid. The driving test is free to students; in fact, students will be paid for the driving test as part of training.

Because the Transit Coach Operator position is a safety sensitive job, all applicants will be required to complete a physical examination as well as a pre-employment drug screen. Also, students will participate in a federally mandated drug and alcohol testing program throughout their employment. Our department has a zero-tolerance policy; failure to pass a drug or alcohol screen will result in immediate termination.

Satisfactory driving records are also mandatory, and they will be monitored throughout the duration of employment. Students who complete training are expected to work a minimum of three shifts per week. Student shifts vary in length and time of day, and they are designed to work around the most common class schedules.

Individuals interested in this job may apply with the application below.

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