Students - Storage Parking

Storage parking sign at lot

"Storage" parking is designed for students who bring their vehicles to campus, but do not need to use them frequently. Storage parking is available to all students, including freshmen and sophomores. Distribution is first come, first served.

Student Storage permits go on sale Monday, June 18, 2018. Please come to the 523 S. Division office and/or call LTP at 734.764.8291 to order a permit.

City of Ann Arbor Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Parking Option

The DDA offers monthly parking permits in many of the City lots and structures. Information on price and availability is available at the DDA website or by calling 734-997-1310.

University Housing Parking Options

University Housing has a very limited number of parking permits available on a priority basis for University Housing residents for Lot NC33 by Baits Houses and at Lot NC31 by Bursley Hall. The permits are valid for the academic year (September - April) for an annual fee (rate prorates per month). The lots are served by the U-M Bursley-Baits bus. Further information about residence hall and Northwood Community Apartments parking can be found on the housing website.

Logistics, Transportation & Parking - Student Storage Parking Permit

Student Storage permit parking is located in Lots NC32 - North Campus, by old Baits I Housing and SC34 - South Campus, State Street Commuter lot. Permits sales are limited to 130 parking permits. There are 50 designated spaces in Lot NC32 and 80 designated spaces in Lot SC34. The permit is honored in either parking location; however, if the designated spaces are full in one lot, permit holders must park in the other lot.

These permits are not available online. They must be purchased by visiting the Parking Customer Services office at 523 South Division Street or calling 734.764.8291.

Bus Service

During the Fall and Winter terms, the lot is served by the U-M Bursley-Baits route. Please refer to the University bus schedules for specific route information.

SC-34 is served by the AAATA Route 62 Wolverine Tower Shuttle which runs every 9-15 minutes during peak hours. Visit TheRide for detailed maps and schedules.

Permit Styles

Windshield permit.

Payment Options

Cash, check (payable to the University of Michigan), or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover). All student permits must be paid in full at the time of purchase.


To determine your costs, see matrix below. First look for the time period you will purchase your permit, then follow the line across to see your cost. This is the total amount you will pay for the permit year, which ends June 30.

Student Storage Parking Fee Schedule - Through June 30, 2018

DateYour Cost
July 1-14$224.00
July 15-31$214.67
August 1-14$205.34
August 15-31$196.01
September 1-14$186.68
September 15-30$177.35
October 1-14$168.02
October 15-31$158.69
November 1-14$149.36
November 15-30$140.03
December 1-14$130.70
December 15-31$121.37
January 1-14$112.04
January 15-31$102.71
February 1-14$93.38
February 15-28/29$84.05
March 1-14$74.72
March 15-31$65.39
April 1-14$56.06
April 15-30$46.73
May 1-14$37.40
May 15-31$28.07
June 1-14$18.74
June 15-30$9.41