Parking Operations and Maintenance - Snow Removal and Deicing

Logistics, Transportation & Parking (LTP) is committed to providing a safe and accessible campus at all times and in all weather. This Snow Removal and Deicing Operations guide provides information about our approaches and may serve as a resource to others. It explains our practices for snow removal and deicing of the parking structures and lots

Consistent with our goal to continually improve work processes, Parking Maintenance management routinely reviews work plan outcomes and makes revisions when necessary to improve the quality and effectiveness of snow and ice management.

Clarification of Service Areas
LTP is responsible for snow removal and deicing for most University lots and structures. Other units are responsible for some areas.
Work Schedules and Contracted Services
LTP provides 24-hour weekday coverage with three regular work shifts, and 24-hour weekend on-call coverage to assure a prompt response to winter weather.
Service Practices
See what methods and materials LTP uses in snow removal and deicing operations.
Service Priorities
While LTP views the entire parking system as a service priority, some areas, due to frequent and urgent use, are serviced first.
Service Requests
Request snow removal or deicing for your area.