Parking System Overview

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor campus parking system is comprised of over 27,000 parking spaces, located in sixteen parking structures and over two-hundred parking lots of one to nine-hundred spaces, located on approximately two-hundred fifty-three acres. This does not include parking associated with University Housing, the Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, or the Dearborn and Flint satellite campuses, each of whom oversee their respective facilities.

There are four tiers of parking offered, with different rates per tier that reflect the proximity to campus core areas. Due to limited parking availability, the University of Michigan has established eligibility criteria for faculty, staff, students and temporary employees. Each eligible person is limited to the purchase of one parking permit.

Download the Parking Rules and Regulations:
Faculty and Staff PDF
Students PDF

Parking Structures

Parking structures are located predominantly on central and medical campuses, with the exception of one located on north campus. Gates control access to all central and medical campus parking structures. An Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) device is required to activate the gates, and also functions as a parking permit. AVI devices are color-coded and valid in corresponding parking lots. UMIDs and access cards are also used to activate gates.

Gates are in use during the posted hours of enforcement, which vary by location. At the end of enforcement hours, gates are raised until enforcement hours resume, allowing non-permit holders evening use of the facilities. Those using the structures when unregulated should note the enforcement hours and exit the facility before enforcement hours resume to prevent from being locked in.

Central Campus

Medical Campus

North Campus