Faculty and Staff - Eligibility

Surface lot

Faculty must have a 0% appointment or above (tenure track), and staff at least a 50% appointment to be eligible for parking. Eligible faculty and staff may select from Gold, Blue, Yellow and Orange parking. Please note: because of availability, the number of Gold permits is limited.

Staff with less than a 50% appointment, temporary staff, affiliates and other non-University staff are considered "ineligible parkers" and do not automatically get a parking permit. However, ineligible parkers can submit an application for a parking assignment. These assignments are made at the discretion of Parking Customer Services, and are based on the specific needs of each applicant and the parking availability at the time of application. To apply for a parking assignment, temporary employees should ask their employing department to complete a Parking Eligibility Form. Please note the Parking Eligibility form is only necessary when seeking a U-M parking permit. It is not needed for the free parking options.