U-M Department Parking

U-M departments may only purchase certain types of parking permits and coupons. Check here for more information.
Business Vehicle Parking
Designated parking spaces available for business travel within the U-M campus. Permit or U-M fleet vehicle required.
University Service Vehicles
Dedicated parking is provided for University Service Vehicles. Permit required.
Daily Parking
Departments may purchase daily parking for their guests, limited to no more than 10 guests.
Daily Departmental Guest Parking Permit Program
Departments who regularly hosts guests in small numbers may participate in the Departmental Guest Parking Permit Program.
UMH Passes and Coupons
UMH departments may purchase limited quantities of passes/coupons for their guests and visitors for the P2 structure.
Special Events
Parking Customer Services (PCS) offers Special Events Parking Coordination services to assist departments when they are hosting 10 guests or more on campus.
How to Purchase Your Permit
Parking permits may be purchased at the Parking Customer Services Office or online. See more detail here.
Parking Option Replacements and Returns
Information on how to replace or return a department parking option.
U-M departments must follow the rules and regulations regarding the use of department parking options. Logistics, Transportation & Parking, University Audits and others may investigate use of the department parking options to confirm compliance.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Find answers to frequently asked questions here.