Parking Alert - CVC and P-3 Construction

ID: 67
Lots/Structures: M85
Starts: 08/23/2017
Ends: 10/31/2017


The planned CVC waterproofing and repair project will begin on or around August 23rd. The work scope is predominantly waterproofing work (caulking, joint sealants, etc.) but with a few shallow concrete repairs and one post-tension cable repair. The work includes installation of deck coating on the ramps, and concrete sealer with re-striping on the plaza and lower supported levels. Work will occur on 4 x 10 shifts, Mon-Thurs, 5:30PM to 3AM. Up to 30 spaces may be closed at any one time, mostly to allow repair work to cure or dry. Deck coating work will occur over extended weekends to minimize parking disruption. 

The CVC project also includes deck coating the roof of P3. This is tentatively scheduled to occur over the second and third weekends in September (weather permitting). One half of the ramp and roof will be closed at a time, providing parking access to half the roof and circulation on the ramp. Work will start on Thursday evenings and all spaces will be reopened by 5AM Monday morning.

Thank you for your cooperation.