Motorcycles and Mopeds

Parked motorcycles

Designated parking spaces for motorcycles and mopeds are available around campus. These designated parking spaces are marked with signs; many are located in parking structures. Motorcycles and mopeds are not allowed to park in regular vehicle parking spaces.

Motorcycles and mopeds are restricted from all pathways on campus except when a moped is being walked to a designated parking space away from the roadway. Mopeds must also be walked through structures, not ridden, to and from the designated parking area.

Location of Spaces

Central Campus

Lot Location Approximate # of Spaces
- Area north of Mason Hall - Mopeds only 8
C5 Lot between Graduate and Undergraduate Libraries 4
E1 Corner of Observatory and North University Court 1
E8 Church Structure, South Entrance 4
E9 Lot behind Church Structure 6
- Area between the Palmer and Fletcher Structures 14
S8 Hill Structure 10
W3 Thompson Structure, east entrance 10
W13 Lot behind Student Activities Building on Thompson Street 8

Medical Campus

Lot Location Approximate # of Spaces
- Near bicycle rack on West Medical Center Drive 4
M16 Lot between MCHC, Mott and Towsley 26
M30 East Medical Center Drive 15
M52 West side of the Medical Professional Building 6
M63 South side of 300 NIB 4
M64 North side of the 400 NIB 1
M75 Fuller/Mitchell Lot 6
M86 Ann Street Parking Structure 12
M87 Wall Street 4
M93 Wall Street Structure, inside entrance 10

North Campus

Lot Location Approximate # of Spaces
NC10 School of Music 2
NC16 IST 6
NC20 GG Brown 4
NC27 Walgreen Drama Center (Northeast corner) 12
NC28 Space Research Building 3
NC51 Glazier Way, north end 2
NC61 North Campus Plant Services Building 2
NC65 North Campus Administrative Complex 2
NC74 East of Space Research 4
NC92 NCRC West of Huron Parkway 6

North Campus Research Center

Lot Location Approximate # of Spaces
NC83 East of Huron Parkway, north side of Bldgs 20
NC86 East of Huron Parkway, south side of Bldgs 5
NC100 Wast of Huron Parkway, parking structure 5

South Campus

Lot Location Approximate # of Spaces
SC2 1032 Green St. 10
SC4 Kipke, northwest corner of lot 8
SC12 Buhr Building 4
SC16 Campus Safety Services Building, east side 10
SC17 Wolverine Tower 3