ExpressRide is an AAATA commuter bus service running from the Chelsea and Canton communities to Ann Arbor and University of Michigan campuses. These routes provide easy, comfortable service during the business week, Monday through Friday. U-M employees receive the participating employer cost of $62.50/month (normal cost is $125.00/month).

Passes can be purchased at either Parking Customer Services location or at the Michigan Medicine Cashier's office.

ExpressRide Canton - Route 92

The Canton route leaves Meijer (Ford Rd. and Canton Ctr.) at 6:00 am and 7:12 am, with stops at Cherry Hill and Ridge, East Medical Center Drive, North Washington, and Washington and Ashley. The return trips reverse direction leaving Washington and Ashley at 3:33 pm and 5:11 pm.

ExpressRide Chelsea - Route 91

The Chelsea route leaves the Arctic Coliseum at 6:08 am and 7:15 am, with stops at West Huron, South Washington, and East Medical Center Drive. The return trips reverse direction leaving East Medical Center Drive at 3:37 pm and 5:10 pm.

How to Ride

It's easy to use ExpressRide. First, choose your bus stop. Then, arrive a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time. When boarding the bus, have a pass, ticket or cash fare ready for the driver. Buses have wi-fi and comfortable seating, so once you're onboard, sit back, enjoy the ride, and arrive relaxed!

For more information, see AAATA's website at