Close-up of hands shaping a clay pot on a pottery wheel against a dark background.

This year’s event will be three days long, running from Thursday, July 18 – Saturday, July 20. For more details, visit the Art Fair website.

U-M Parking

During Art Fair, all U-M parking structures will remain gated to allow  vehicles with appropriate U-M permits to enter. However, special event parking will be sold for event attendees at the following times and locations:

  • Thursday & Friday (After 9 am), Saturday (After 8 am):
    • Thompson Structure
    • Thayer Structure
    • Fletcher Structure
  • Saturday Only (After 8 am):
    • Church Structure
    • Hill Structure

Lots C5 (libraries) & C10 (small lot by West Hall) will not be available for parking. Limited access to C2 is available upon request of Art Fair staff during the event.  A map with locations is shown below. 

U-M Transportation

Effective Tuesday, July 16 through the end of service on July 20, the Commuter North and Commuter South will be on detour. Regular service will resume on July 22. Please see the Transit Alerts for additional information.

Map of Central Campus, showing closed lots C5 and C10, as well as road closures throughout Central Campus.