Patients and Patient Visitors- School of Dentistry and University Health Service Patients

The Fletcher Street Parking structure, a cashier-attended parking location, is available for patients of the School of Dentistry and of the University Health Service (only).

Hours of Operation

Parking is available at the Fletcher Street structure Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 6:00 pm.


A discounted parking rate of $2.00 is available to dental patients who have their parking ticket validated within the School of Dentistry. Please visit a patient services desk to have your ticket validated.

University Health Service patients pay the prevailing parking rate of $1.50 per hour. However, patients need to have their ticket stamped to avoid paying a $30.00 fine. The stamp does not reduce the parking rate, it is used for properly identifying that the user is a patient.

Anyone who is not a patient of these two locations but parks in the patient parking area is subject to a $30.00 fine in addition to the parking rate fee.

Parking Map

Central Campus - The Fletcher Structure is located in L2.