NCRC Parking Lot Tier Reassignments

Please be advised of the following color tier changes planned for Spring - Summer 2018:

  • NC95 - This lot will re-open in March 2018 as Blue permit parking.
  • NC92 - Effective Monday, April 30, this lot will be designated as Blue permit parking, and will also include Gold, Visitor, Service Vehicle and Business Vehicle spaces.
  • NC93 & 96 - Effective July 1, NC93 and NC96 lots will be designated as Blue permit parking.
  • NC90 - This lot will be closed for construction beginning in June with estimated project completion in August. When the lot re-opens, it will be designated as Yellow permit parking.
  • NC82/83 - These lots are planned as Blue permit parking and will be converted in a future fiscal year (timing TBD).

Please see map for tier reassignments that will occur over the coming months:

Some additional parking options in the area include:

  • NC53 (Orange) – 100 new spaces are open on a temporary basis in a gravel section of the lot. Approximately 250 new orange parking spaces will open in late Spring 2018.
  • Green Road Park & Ride (Free) – 120 additional free parking spaces will open in Late Spring – Summer 2018.
  • East Ann Arbor (EC1) Gravel Lot (Free) - Free parking for Michigan Medicine employees with frequent shuttle service to the Medical Campus.