Carpooling is a cost-efficient way to commute and park on campus. Sharing a ride with a co-worker can save on gas, vehicle maintenance and parking costs, and lessens traffic congestion and pollution.

A registered carpool may consist of 2 or more eligible faculty/staff members who can commit to riding together each work day, except for those days a member must drive separately for personal reasons. For a nominal fee, any carpool of 4 or more members may obtain a reserved parking space in a lot or structure in proximity to their work place, where available. Each carpool member will pay an equal portion of the parking permit, and reserved space if requested, by payroll deduction.

To obtain the Carpool application and payroll deduction forms, please contact our Alternative Transportation Coordinator at (734) 764-1100 or

Please note that faculty/staff members can create "informal" carpools also, where the participants possess their own parking permits and share rides with others. If this is a regular arrangement, please inform Parking Customer Services at (734) 764-1100 or